Parda (Mixed Race, 2019)

An authoritarian regime plans to restore white supremacy in Brazil. Their first act is to demand the return of all white Brazilian citizens living abroad. In the midst of this political chaos, Tai needs to prove that she is not white, but is faced with uncertainty about her own racial identity. The film delves into the ambiguous concept of race in Brazil, exploring the traces left by its colonial past and the family history of the director. An exploratory journey between fiction and documentary.

Tear (Loom, 2014)

Tear tells the story of the brazilian Worker's Movement during the Military Dictatorship in the 60's. The persecution, prison and torture were practices also employed against the worker class, but unfortunatelly their drama was forgotten by the brazilian filmography dedicated to this topic. The documentary takes place in the quiet district of Santo Aleixo, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the chaotic context of civil military dictatorship. A plot with strikes, arrests and tortures related to the coup of 1964 and the workers movement taking action at that time. This story is reconstructed through a deep and sentimental dig into the memories of the textile factory's workers and the local inhabitants.